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Audience age level: Ages 18 months-6
Length of show: ~ 40 minutes

Books Referenced During the Show: Steve Nelson’s “Frosty the Snowman”; Phoebe Beinstein’s “DORA saves the Snow Princess” and Harriet Ziefert’s “Snow Party”. 

Special Show Songs: “Frosty the Snowman” and “Happy Birthday to You”



We’re going to have a surprise birthday party for Frosty and all of the kids are invited.  A center-wide show Frosty’s Magic Birthday Party is guaranteed to have your kids rolling with laughter as they help Bob get ready for this fun-filled winter event. 


Hmmm … what will we need?  Well, we’ll need a gift, some party decorations and a magical birthday cake of course.  No problem!


Magic, story-telling, comedy, and songs will all combine to bring this very magical party to life.  During this highly interactive show, lots of kids will be chosen to help Bob with his silly tricks and crazy antics and all of the kids will help make this Frosty’s best birthday ever.  And, as in all of our shows, a couple of very magical creatures are sure to be dropping by.


But, after all of our preparations will Frosty arrive in time?  Imagine the smiles as the man made of snow makes his appearance at the end of the show!  The kids can give him a hug, dance with him, and even pose for pictures!  This show will become an annual holiday tradition at your center!


Make the party extra special.  Before or after the show help the kids decorate their very own birthday cookies or cupcakes.  They could even make Frosty a really cool birthday card. This is the best party ever!


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